SRT believes in Green Lifestyle - HK Shing Mun Country Park Hiking...

SRT organized a hiking trip inside Hong Kong Shing Mun Country Park for both our Hong Kong and Shenzhen staff, on 24th January this year.  Our walk started at the Shing Mun Reservoir, via Needle Hill, Grassy Hill, Yuan Kuong Ao and Yuan Tone Ha, and finished in Sun Woo Ka, with a total distance of around 10 km.


We have had a really good time and opportunity to relax and immerse ourselves nature for the whole day.  SRT believes in green lifestyle and we do not only show our commitment through our professional design work, we also adopt green lifestyle in our daily living.


Nowadays, urbanized lifestyle has become mechanized to such an extent that causal conversation and socializing with our neighbors are so rare.  It is gratifying to find volunteers, who are knowledgeable with the distribution of fauna and flora in this region, to come to Shing Mun Country Park On weekends to share with and educate the hikers and visitors about the origin and history of some special species of plants or animals that inhabit this primeval forest.  When one is amidst nature’s green environment one would unknowingly take down ones habitual defensive attitude and open up to other people and then.


The trail was very scenic and free of too much man-made decorations so that one can whole-heartedly enjoy the genuine beauty along the whole 10 KM of walk.